Does Modafinil Cure A Wakefulness Problem Or Just Provide A Temporary Fix?

Struggling with keeping yourself awake throughout the day is a condition that impacts lots of people. It makes it hard to be productive and it makes it even tougher to feel good about the ability to accomplish large tasks. Modafinil has been proven to provide a solution for the problem. When used properly it helps not only keep you awake, but it also increases a person’s powers of concentration and focus.

The drug works, but should it be used as a permanent solution to a wakefulness problem? Well we feel that this is going to depend on several factors.

The first thing a person would need to look at is how they were going to respond to the drug in the short term. If you’ve never taken Modafinil before, then you can’t be sure exactly how it’s going to work for you. A doctor would have to monitor you for a while just to make sure you’re responding the way you’re supposed to. Some questions they might want to go over are as follows:

  • To what degree is the drug helping your problem?
  • How do you feel shortly after taking it and how long do the benefits last?
  • How is your actual sleep when you take the drug in order to prevent sleepiness during the day?
  • Are there any serious side effects you’re experiencing that would make it not worth it to continue use?

Assuming that there were no serious issues with your use of Modafinil in the beginning stages, you would be permitted to keep taking the drug.

The second thing a person would need to look at is the cause of their wakefulness problem. A few questions they can ask themselves before even checking into things with a doctor would include the following:

  • Is your problem caused by an internal condition that has to be treated medically or is there something you can do yourself in order to address the problem?
  • Is your problem caused by having bad sleeping patterns? If this were the case, then you’d be able to get help simply by finding ways to get better sleep at night.
  • Is your wakefulness problem due to feelings of stress of even depression? If this is the case then there might be forms of treatment to help relieve stress and depression you need to look into.

If you do indeed have a medical condition that’s the root cause of your wakefulness condition, then it would be important for you to get treatment for that specific condition. Once the condition was successfully treated, then there would be no further need to keep using Modafinil.

In the case that the condition was something that couldn’t be successfully cured, then continued use of the drug might be an option barring you aren’t having any serious issues with it. No matter the case, the goal should be to focus on improving the cause of your condition as you use this drug in order to avoid dependency.

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