Is It Better To Use Modafinil Versus Using Over The Counter Treatments For Wakefulness Problems?

Prescription medications cost a lot of money. In order to afford them people usually have to make sacrifices they don’t want to make. In some cases there’s no other option but to come up with ways to afford the prescription medication otherwise it becomes tough to even function. In the case of Modafinil this is certainly the case. It’s used in order to treat people who have wakefulness problems. In brand name form it’s expensive, but in some cases even the generic options can be pricey.

So what’s the solution? Well some people struggle with this, because these days there seem to be so many options on the market that you can get over the counter for wakefulness issues. Some of these agents work well, but are they going to work well for someone who has a condition that would qualify as excessive? Over the counter options can work, but they often don’t work and there are very specific reasons for this? We can address three of the main ones:

  • Over the counter options to treat wakefulness conditions don’t take into count the severity of a problem. Think about it. These are designed to be one size fits all. You take them and are supposed to get help, but either the help is very minimal or nonexistent. So what do you do? You try something else; maybe you take more of what you’ve already tried. All you get is frustration as a result.
  • Over the counter options are designed to give you a quick boost at best. You may experience a quick spike in energy that will work to combat a wakefulness problem. The issue is you come down fast and when you do the feeling of fatigue can hit you even harder. What ends up happening is people consume these in high amounts to the point where even these stop being effective.
  • Over the counter treatments aren’t designed to attack your problem seriously, but this is in order to stay away from the risk of side effects. The goal is for these treatments to be used on a wide scale and in order for this to be the case they have to be as safe as possible on a general scale. Modafinil is a prescription medication, comes with the risk of side effects and works to treat serious wakefulness conditions.

Modafinil isn’t designed to be one size fits all. You have to have a condition that’s serious enough to qualify for use. You have to make sure you aren’t using other medications that might pose a risk and you have to be consistent with when you use it. In the case that your wakefulness problem is caused due to inferior sleeping habits, then over the counter options might be best.

On top of this you should look into changes you can make in order to improve your condition. If your wakefulness problems are caused due to an underlying issue and are seriously impacting your life, then Modafinil can be a real benefit.

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