Modafinil Dosage

In order to ensure you get the best out of using Modafinil it’s going to be important that you get the proper Modafinil dosage. Now the dosage is important as far as its ability to properly treat your wakefulness condition. First let’s get into some of the main factors that can impact what type of dosage you’d be taking:

How serious your wakefulness condition is – The main condition Modafinil is used for is Narcolepsy, but there are other conditions that apply.

How old you are – Age might play a factor, because age is going to impact your likelihood of being on other medications or how your body responds to a certain dosage.

Body size – There’s a common dosage doctors like to prescribe for this medication, but depending on how big someone is they might have to make adjustments to this minimum dosage in order to ensure the patient gets the desired benefit from use.

What are the two common Modafinil dosages you’ll usually be taking if given this treatment?

There are two main dosages. The first is 100mg and the second is 200mg. The larger dosage is designed for people who might not be responding to the lower dosage or for those who are larger. It is possible to get even higher dosages, but the higher the dosage the more likely you are to experience some minimal side effect.

This is the main reason why a doctor will want to test you out first with the minimal dosage. If you can avoid the higher dosages then this is preferred.

If the dosage you’re taking isn’t working, then will it be a good idea to take more than one dose in a single day?

Higher dosages of over 200mg are given to certain people with extreme wakefulness conditions, but this is less common. While higher dosages of this treatment aren’t going to prove as risky as high dosages of other medications it’s still not preferred.

Some people will not experience the benefits their expecting from the dosage prescribed and will try to take more than one capsule. This is to be avoided, because you do want to avoid dependency issues. Plus, if you’re taking other medications there’s a chance for negative interactions.

The dosage you take for Modafinil will be consistent in terms of when you take it and your body will be well adjusted to this. If you start taking more than one treatment of it at a different time of day, then it can increase your chances of side effects.

Can you variate the dosage in order to minimize your risk or take the treatment only when you feel you need it most?

Variating the dosage would mean breaking it down into smaller pieces or only taking it when your problem was most severe. You wouldn’t want to do this. Modafinil isn’t a treatment you take as needed or one where you variate the dosage. You take the dosage given in one shot and at the same time each day. This keeps you safe and ensures you get the most from the treatment.