Modafinil vs Adderall

If you’re suffering from a wakefulness problem or ADHD, then medication would work well in order to help you. There are two main treatments a person can decide to use and these would be Modafinil and Adderall. The question is which one of these is better? Is there even a case for one being better than the other? Well first we have to quickly examine what each medication does.

Adderall – Is a prescription medication that’s mainly used in order to treat narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD).

Modafinil  -Is a medication made to treat serious wakefulness conditions such as narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), or shift work disorder. It’s the generic name for the drug Provigil.

Now let’s get into the primary distinctions between these two medications. We’ll start with Adderall.

Important factors about Adderall:

  • Adderall has the ability to create a sense of ease in people, but it can also create a sense of anxiety. The drug is designed to help increase activity in the brain concerning dopamine and norepinephrine chemicals. A feeling of pleasure can be experienced or feelings of fight of flight.
  • Adderall isn’t just designed to help people who have wakefulness conditions. It treats ADHD (Attention Hyperactive Deficit Disorder). This is a condition where someone can be very energetic and as a result they struggle to concentrate or stay focused on one thing too long. Such a person will have excessive energy.
  • Adderall can help a person to have an easier time controlling behavior which at the moment can be proving problematic for them. Some of these behaviors can include being emotionally erratic or having a hard time making proper decisions due to racing thoughts. It can also provide energy for those with conditions such as narcolepsy.

Important factors about Modafinil:

  • Modafinil isn’t a combination of two different active ingredients such as Adderall, which means that it might not come with the same risk of side effects as Adderall. It works only to treat serious wakefulness conditions and might not work as well to treat something such as ADHD.
  • Modafinil works to increase focus, concentration and the ability to retain information. It does this without increasing a person’s internal mechanisms such as Adderall. What this means is that a person won’t have to worry about the possibility of their fight or flight response being activated or experiencing increased instances of anxiety.
  • Modafinil can generally be taken more by people than Adderall can and the reasons for this are due to a lesser probability of negative drug interactions. People who suffer from other wakefulness conditions outside of the ones already noted might also benefit from use of this drug, but not Adderall.

So if we were asking the question of which one is better, we would have to say that in terms of overall risk Modafinil is less risky. If we’re focused on overall versatility, than we’d have to give the edge to Adderall. Both of these medications work as a form of stimulant though for people with wakefulness issues and can have the positive side effect of helping to improve focus and concentration.

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